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Mitali Jakatdar

Mitali is a Curly Girl and a Fit mom who swears by everything Zero Waste. She is a mom to 2 girls and 2 Dogs and 200+ Plants and is working towards making Composting a necessary and easy solution towards stinking wet waste and overflowing dustbins. Via her Instagram, she shares her daily life with her kids and dogs and how Fitness should be a part of everyone's life. 

 While we love consuming a plethora of products, we often ignore the stuff that goes behind, making the product available, we only get up when a major lawsuit engulfs a brand and then we start banning it. But, what about the decades that we have been consuming the product on our bodies? It is not easy to undo the effects that these products have already caused on our health. With the increasing number of diseases and disorders cropping up it's high time we as consumers understood what is behind the products that we use in our very own homes. When we all are asking HOW? The answer is zooBOP ...Your information is just a Click (BOP) away!