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what makes a brand dirty.

our unique platform allows you to quickly check any brand for clean, green, honest and ethical values

zoobop is designed as an educational platform to give you all the information you need on a brand to help you make better choices.

Our standard is based on our core four pillars ; for strictly clean, green, honest and cruelty free products that are good for you & the planet.

Each brand is carefully evaluated based on our stringent checking standards, before arriving at a safe score.

Don't be greenwashed!! check our standards

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no toxins
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must be strictly
earth safe
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100% label
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never tested
on animals
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zoobop verified©

A zoobop verified© brand will always be clean, green, honest and cruelty free. And will strictly be a CLEAN + GOOD brand on our score card & market place.

The zoobop verified logo is our assurance to you that the brand meets global standards on these parameters for you to safely shop their products

Check our extensive list of dirty ingredients that are banned on zoobop.

zoobop score©

The zoobop score provides a brand’s clean & safe rating on a scale of 0-5. Where 0 is the lowest score in red being terrible and 5 is the highest score in green showing excellence..

Our rating is based on a long check list of parameters that look at a brand in totality for being:

  • clean (non-toxic)
  • green (environmentally friendly)
  • honest (transparency in ingredients)
  • cruelty free (no animal testing whatsoever)

The score of a brand is a sum total of how it fares on all parameters. You can further see how the brand performs on each of these broad parameters in the why this score section.

Brands also score brownie points for giving back to the community or by supporting charities from their profit.

zoobop is a first of its kind brand checker for making shopping choices easier and safer for you, your family and our planet.

zoobop icons

The icons below represent the different parameters on which a brand is scored.

You can click on any ingredient, material or acronym inside the why this score section ( on a brand page) to

understand more about what it means. We have tried to break down all information very simply for you.

zoobop posts

clean living is about being informed. we keep adding interesting posts for you to understand these concerns and be in the know how to make informative & conscious choices for yourself, your home and our planet.