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Zoobop score faqs
What can I search on zoobop?

You can search your favourite brand on zoobop to check its safe and green score.

We have scored 1000’s of brands across various categories: Bath & Body, Hair, Skin care, Kids & Baby, Makeup, Men's grooming, Home essentials, and Wellness. In addition, you can search and buy zoobop verified products across any of these categories.

To understand how zoobop works, watch our video.

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What kind of personal care products are covered by zoobop?

"zoobop has covered all categories of personal care products. these include bath & body, cosmetics, hair, face & skin products, men specific products, baby, kids, wellness, aromatherapy, household & pet friendly products.

you can bop any category or a specific product you are looking at.

say, you are looking at a lip balm, you can bop “lip balm”, “organic lip balm”, or “xyz (brand name) lip balm” in the bopping bar on the app or the website.

depending on what you are bopping, the zoobop app will take you to that product page. if its a brand you have selected, zoobop will take you to the brand page and show you how it fares on the zoobop meter."

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Why does zoobop read only personal care products?

Zoobop was created as a universal application that can provide transparency for personal care brands. Let’s face it, most of us do not find the time to read the fine print on a product package. and even more of us are clueless when it comes to ingredients listed on the back of products which are even trickier to pronounce!!!. zoobop makes it simple for you in an easy to use app, to make you understand what your brand carries, and if its transparent with its information.

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What is the zoobop score?

A zoobop score is based on assessing the brand (and their products) across several criteria including possible heath concerns for ingredients, environmental impact of the brand, complete transparency on declaring the ingredients they use and being cruelty free.

zoobop score provides a brand’s clean & safe rating on a scale of 0-5, with 0 being the lowest score in red indicating very poor and 5 being the highest score in green showing excellence

Our standards include a long check list of parameters which you can check here

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What is the difference between the zoobop meter and zoobop score?

The zoobop score is simply the clean & green score of a brand on a scale of 0-5. The score is based on the zoobop meter which provides more detailed information across several criteria on which a brand is evaluated.

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How accurate is the zoobop meter?

The zoobop meter is based on the information & ingredients found from the brand’s own website/ online platform. We cross check the available data with world recognised standards for Safety, Eco toxicity, Cruelty free testing, the Vegan society, Fair Trade practices, Transparency, Responsible sourcing, Community service and Environment policies.

It is however important to note, that all brands update products, their ingredients, brand information and packaging from time to time. zoobop keeps its information up to date on a best effort basis. However, it is always recommended that you check current labels while buying a product.

When zoobop is unable to find certain information for a brand or/and the brand has been unresponsive when asked about the same then we do mention “Not Clear” in the zoobop meter against that parameter.

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What is bopping?

bopping is the action of searching a brand on zoobop to check the zoobop score of the brand. zoobop score and meter provides you the necessary information you need before using a particular brand or product

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What is Stop Bop Shop?

zoobop is as easy as Stop. Bop. Shop.

A simple 3 step process for living a safe and green life with zoobop.

  1. Stop before buying any product,
  2. Bop to check the brand’s clean & green score and
  3. Shop only after making an informed decision.
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How do I know if some ingredients are plant / animal based?

Not all brands are candid about the ingredients they use. Some ingredients can be plant/ animal or synthetic derived.

The zoobop meter mentions all possible derivates for these ingredients.

For allergies or ethical choices, it is always prudent to contact the brand for specific ingredient based questions, and always check a product label for details before buying.

When zoobop is unable to find certain information for a brand or/and the brand has been unresponsive when asked about the same then we do mention “Not Clear” in the zoobop meter against that parameter.

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I do not understand some of the names of ingredients. how can I know more?

zoobop has made all information easy for you to read under the +know more section of the zoobop meter. To understand a particular ingredient, simply tap the ingredient and the information on it would appear including any toxicity concerns.

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What if I find something inaccurate, how do I report it?

Brands tend to discontinue products and change ingredients from time to time. zoobop updates this regularly on a best effort basis. In case, there is information you need to report please use this link.

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Can a brand improve it's score on zoobop?

Yes, we are glad you asked! the entire premise for zoobop is to make users aware of brand ingredients, ethos and policies in order for them to make better and safer choices. Similarly we hope that brands listen up too and work to improve their formula, transparency, cruelty free and environment policies. As brands change for the better their score will also improve. Similarly if brands choose to go dirtier then their score will drop.

Consumers have the power to make brands better, just by choosing clean!

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Can't find your brand?

We are working extremely hard to cover as many brands as possible with weekly updates. In case, your brand is missing or you as a brand would like to share information with us, please send us the details on the this link.

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What does bop do?

bop is searching a brand to check its safe & clean score. Our mantra 'bop it before you shop it' helps you make cleaner, greener choices for yourself and those you love.

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What do you mean by a brand being transparent?

zoobop provides you transparency on the safety and environmental impact of the personal care brands that you use.

It is difficult for you to understand the fine print & ingredients on a product and its effects. At times, the packaging on products make you believe they are cleaner and greener than they actually may be.

zoobop gives you all this information, through an easy to use app and website. We help you understand the type of ingredients a brand uses, their carbon footprint and their transparency in declaring the ingredients they use across all their products.

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Why does zoobop sell only select brands and products? How is it different from all the other E Commerce sites?

zoobop is a strictly clean e-commerce platform, that only sells products whose brands have been manually verified to be clean, green, safe and ethical (i.e. brands with a 4 or more zoobop score).

We remove the clutter for you, so that you can identify the genuinely clean brands and their products from the green-washed variety. It is easy for you to compare brands by simply bopping a brand, reviewing its score and understanding why one is better than the other.

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What if the brand I am using has a poor score?

The zoobop score provides a comprehensive read on the brand across multiple criteria. You can check the criteria of concern to know all the details pertaining to it. As an example, if an ingredient is a concern, then zoobop will display the potentially hazardous ingredients the brand carries.

Our suggestion is simple, use a safer & greener alternative with a zoobop score of 4 or more. You can find many such choices on zoobop under our list of verified brands. verified brands.

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Can I use zoobop anywhere?

Our website lists both Indian and international brands, making it easy for you to use zoobop in any part of the World.

We are currently only shipping in India but will soon be available for shipping internationally.

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