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About Us

zoobop is a first of its kind, super easy, interactive and informative website and app - making your shopping truly clean and green.

We score brands, giving you all the relevant information on several aspects; for you to make an informed choice when buying personal care products.

With thousands of brands on our platform, you can easily use zoobop from anywhere in the World.

about Sonali

With problems of environment and disease we need to be more and more aware of what we use on ourselves, our children, our home and pets.. I created zoobop to help people like myself know better & shop easier.

Over 3 years ago, on a trip overseas, I was going nuts trying to find a cruelty free shampoo that wasn't loaded with toxins. I had to open several sites to gather some basic information on the brand. The idea for zoobop stemmed from there. It has been a fun, research intensive, self learning journey since.

zoobop is designed to be a one stop shop. Our mantra 'bop it before you shop it' is at the heart of the platform. Allowing you to bop any brand (globally) to get its overall safety score. Our zoo market was created to help shoppers like yourself easily shop brands that have been carefully vetted to ensure their safety, transparency and ethos.

While working on the website, I came across herbal brands that are using less than 10% herbal ingredients in their products. Brands which choose not to give you a clear picture on their ingredients and reveal only key ingredients on their packaging. Some that label themselves organic without having no such certification. And then some that claim to be cruelty free, but have no qualms in selling to China where testing is mandatory by law.

zoobop gathers all this information in a simple easy to use platform for you giving you safe alternatives which are truly good for you & our planet.

about Kunal

Having been an entrepreneur & co- founder of multiple startups, I believe being passionate for one’s work is very important. In the past, I have had experienced similar difficulties as Sonali, while buying personal care products. My thinking had always been that one could trust brands and their claims. However, I was amazed to learn how brazenly brands project themselves to be cleaner & greener than they actually are. And how easily users are fooled into buying products claiming to be "truly good". After coming on board, I spent a great deal understanding the depth of research we are doing for the personal care space.

Zoobop with its intensive research and manual verification of brands, gives a truly transparent picture of brands & their products on being transparent, clean, green and ethical. Having been swayed by fancy marketing and advertising in the past, I understand the importance of having a trusted platform like ours.

We are excited to have you on this clean journey with us and would love to hear back from you. Please click here to share your feedback and suggestions.


Sonali, Kunal & team zoobop