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Handmade Baby Soap

100 gm

MRP : 160
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  • Mild cleanse with pure, saponified cold-pressed oils.
  • Your child’s delicate skin deserves a nourishing, natural soap. 
  • Unlike commercial ones, hand made soaps are made without detergents and artificial additives. 
  • Our baby soap with saponified cold pressed edible oils will cleanse, moisturize, soothe and will not strip away natural oils.
  •  The exceptionally soft lather gives a delightfully smooth feel.
  • Being unscented with zero essential oils.
  •  Our baby soap is ideal for a new born.
  • Mild baby soap is super fattened with 10% unsaponified oil that leaves your child’s skin soft and supple!
  • Unscented with no artificial fragrance and not even essential oils, our baby soap is ideal for a new-born from day zero.
  • Daily use: our soap is ideal for daily purpose as the goodness of coconut, sesame and castor oil will keep your child.
  • Ideal gift: our soaps are perfect for gifting on occasions like birthday, baby shower etc.


Country of Origin: India


why you will me

  • Organic Certified
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Certified Safe Ingredients
  • Palm oil Free
  • Certified Cruelty Free

Saponified Cold Pressed Edible Oils of Cocos Nucifera (coconut), Sesamum Indicum (sesame), Ricinus Communis (castor) Seed and Rain-Water. 
No Essential Oils.
The saponification process makes use of Sodium Hydroxide or Lye, an alkali to turn oil into soap. 
None remains in the finished product. 

    • Our unscented baby soap is perfect for your baby from day one. 
    • The soap is super fattened with 10% oil content that leaves baby skin as baby skin – soft and supple
    • Suited to all skin types.


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Synthetic Free

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organic certified

cruelty free

100% vegan

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