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The Earth Reserve

Tuberose & Ylang Ylang Infused Shampoo


100 ml

MRP : 295
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  • Gentle on the hair and scalp, this natural, non corrosive formula can be used everyday for naturally clean hair and scalp.
  • Pure essential oils of tuberose & ylang ylang combine to give a soothing, calming fragrance that helps in relieving stress and aids in relaxation while bathing. 
  • Ylang ylang essential oil strengthens hair roots and reduces hair fall. 
  • Tuberose essential oil is known as a remedy for dandruff. Lose yourself in the heady, natural fragrances of ylang ylang, geranium and tube roses.


Country of Origin: India


why you will me

  • 100% Natural
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Vegan
  • Farmers market
  • Palm oil Free

Distilled Water, Coco Butter, Glycerin, Sodium, Lauryl Sacrosinate, Polyquat 7, Magnesium Chloride, Essential Oils Of Tuberose, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang

    • Wet the hair from scalp to tip of your hair.
    • Take shampoo and gently massage your hair,work throughout the length of your hair.
    • Rinse with cold or lukewarm water.



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earth safe

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100% vegan

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