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Nesara By Nicky

Inary Facial Teas


80 gm each

MRP : 2,695
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Facial Teas from Nesara are carefully chosen for their properties they are made of herbal blends for enzymatic exfoliation. Inhaling these can give your skin an enzymatic exfoliation. The aromatic oils of the herbs and flowers, rich in nutrients, are released into the heated water and absorbed by the skin. When applied as a frozen ice blend, it can act as a wonderful skin-reviving toner.
Gift your skin with this two which is the most ancient practices of herbalists.
1. Relaxing & Soothing Blend 
A blend of herbs and flowers known for their anti oxidant & soothing properties, calm the nerves and induce a feeling of facial relaxation.
2. Energising & Uplifting Blend 
A blend of healing herbs that help in relieving stress and clearing the energy flow, giving your skin renewed vitality.
Paraben free, Sulphate free and Cruelty freeB. Facial Ice Method A. Facial Steam Method Optional Suggestion 


Country of Origin: India


why you will me

  • 100% Natural
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Plastic Free
  • Hand made
  • Palm oil Free

Facial Tea 1: Lavender, Holy Basil, Chamomile Green Tea, Chamomile Buds, Rose Buds
Facial Tea 2: Thyme, Rosemary, PeppermiB. Facial Ice Method A. Facial Steam Method Optional Suggestion nt, Jasmine Buds, Jasmine Green Tea

    A. Facial Steam Method 
    Place 2 tbsp of the tea of your choice into a heatproof bowl and pour 2 cups of boiling hot water over it. Holding your head 12 inches from the bowl, drape a large towel over your head and bowl to capture the steaming vapors. Inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes and watch the hidden benefits of the herbs and flowers unfold. Finally, pat dry with a clean towel.

    B. Facial Ice Method 
    Brew the contents of one herbal sachet in 100 ml of hot water. When cool, pour the mixture carefully into the silicone cone and place in the freezer. Once frozen, it is ready to use. Gently glide the ice cone onto the skin in a circular motion without any pressure. Pat dry when completed. Use daily as a skin-reviving toner.
    Optional Suggestion 
    We recommend applying a few drops of a simple facial oil before using either of the two methods to aid better absorption.



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