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Dry Feel Langot - Sparkle and Shine Collection Pack of 12


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MRP : 2,116
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  • Sparkle and Shine Collection for the little darlings who bring all the sparkle and shine to your lives! A bright, happy pop of colours to go with your baby’s infectious smiles. 
  • Made by parents at SuperBottoms who understand exactly how a Langot should be – buttery soft, safe & Dry Feel! Enjoy mess-free Diaper-Free time with our Dry Feel Langots!
  • These Langots have:-
  • 3 layers of cotton padding with 1 SuperDryFeel™ layer on the inside (total 4 layers) to hold up to 1 pee depending on the wetting pattern of different babies.
  • Gentle elastics at the back and thighs to contain the pee inside, and keep it dry outside.


Country of Origin : India

why you will me

    • Use Dry Feel Langots to give Diaper-Free time for babies.
    • Our langots keep the baby dry, but do note that these are not waterproof and may get damp on the outer.
    • Hence it’s recommended to change the langot after 1 pee.


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