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Kansa Wand


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MRP : 2,450
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  • Kansa loosely translates into “healing metal”.
  • The Kansa Massage Wand is made up of mostly copper along with tin, zinc and a few other trace metals.
  • A unique breakthrough product, Shankara’s Kansa Massage Wand is a sweet blessing of several decades of Ayurvedic research and brings multiple benefits.
  • Suitable for all skin type


Country of Origin: India


why you will me

COPPER- It helps to develop collagen and elastin, which maintain the strength of the skin. To Getting The Most From Your Shankara Kansa Massage. TIN- Along with Copper and Zinc, Tin maintains the skin collagen. ZINC- It helps rejuvenate skin.

    • To Getting The Most From Your Shankara Kansa Massage.
    • Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be pleased with the results you see.
    • This is just what we train techs at high-end spas.
    • Step 1- Up and down on the side of the neck. Step 2- On the jawline, massaging the TMJs (temporomandibular joints). Step 3- Lifting massage from chin to bottom of the ear. Step 4- Lifting massage from lips to middle of the ear. Step 5- Lifting massage from nose to top of the ear. Step 6- Circle around the temple and crow’s feet. Step 7- Circles around the eyes. Step 8- Going zigzag across the forehead gently (works well with music too!). Step 9- Circle on the third eye- the region in between your eyebrows (Elevens).


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