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Organic Damask Rose & Jasmine Powder -Face & Body Dusting Powder


35 gm

MRP : 350
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  • The powerful beauty secret from the Orient; Rice is prized for its skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its natural anti-ageing and oil-absorbing properties, rice flour is now widely used in skincare products across the world.
  • Rose, a potent ingredient for skin rejuvenation, gently soothes sensitive, damaged skin. The geranium essential oil has a wonderful toning and balancing effect on the skin.
  • Sandalwood has powerful anti-ageing properties that help restore natural oil and moisture; it also helps in increasing complexion. Jasmine soothes and refreshes skin.

Country of Origin: India

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  • 100% Natural
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Vegan
  • Certified Safe Ingredients
  • Preservative free
  • Palm oil Free
  • Certified Cruelty Free

Maranta Arundinacea(arrowroot) Powder*, Manihot Esculenta(tapioca) Starch*, Kaolinite, Oryza Sativa (rice) Powder*, Rosa Damascena (rose) Flower*, Pelargonium Graveolens (geranium) Essential Oil*, Jasminum Sambac(jasmine) Essential Oil*, Cananga Odorata(ylang Ylang) Essential Oil*, Santalum Spicatum(sandalwood) Essential Oil*.


    • Sprinkle onto dry skin and spread with your palms or using a puff.
    • Pay close attention to underarms, thighs and lower neck/back area prone to sweat and heat rashes.
    • Before applying the powder, make sure the application area is patted dry.


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earth safe

Synthetic Free

naturally derived

organic certified

cruelty free

100% vegan

recycle material

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