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Momsmade Naturals

Root to Hair Strengthening Neem Hair Mask



MRP : 499
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  • The shampoo + conditioner combo still making your hair dry? Excess pool of hairfall while combing hair? Or is dry scalp creating a confetti of dandruff on your shoulder? It's time to switch back to natural haircare routine! Try out the all new Momsmade Naturals Neem Hair Pack that's infused with 100% natural ingredients that's good for the scalp and hair! The confetti of Neem is a great coolant for your scalp.
  • The gooseberry mixed with other ingredients is rigid on the dandruff and soft on the hair.
  • The shikakai induced hair growth and nourishes your follicles.
  • The mask works wonders to wash away excess oil from the scalp and evens out your hair growth.
  • Time to let your hair down! Ayurvedic recipes that have been passed on from generations, grandmother to mother to daughters and now available for all of you.
  • Every time you apply artifical chemicals that are acidic, you scar a very unique part of yourselves.
  • Scalp and skin are fragile elements.
  • They regenerates and heals itself when in contact with nature.
  • Don’t wait.
  • Stop using harmful conditioners.
  • Go natural! Time to let your hair down! If you don’t find your hair smoother, shiner and reduced hair fall in first usage, we are ready to refund your money back. 


Country of Origin : India

why you will me

  • 100% Natural
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Vegan
  • Plastic Free
  • Palm oil Free

Amla(Phyllanthus emblica), Shikakai(Acacia concinna), Reetha(Sapindus mukorossi), Methi(Trigonella foenum-graecum), Nimbu(Citrus × limon), Neem(Azadirachta indica), Brahmi(Bacopa monnieri)

    •  Part your hair and start applying the paste at the roots.
    • Repeat the process till all the roots are covered.
    • Let it rest for 30-40 mins.
    • Wash with cold water.
    • Shampoo your hair.
    • Dry with a soft towel.


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earth safe

Synthetic Free

naturally derived

organic certified

cruelty free

100% vegan

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