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Myra Veda Luxury Essentials

Raw Wild White Turmeric (Rare Bitter Zeodary)



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  • Myra Veda's Authentic and Rare White Wild turmeric clay is made from wild Turmeric roots sourced directly from Wayanad, Kerala and consists of pure grounded white Turmeric roots, that is free of any artificial color, flavor, fragrance and other materials.
  • This special turmeric is rare and seasonal and smells like musk and has a cream color that is known to not stain but has bitter astringent flavors.
  • Our "White Kasturi manjal" is a tried and tested natural remedy for pimples, pesky acne, removal of facial unwanted facial hair, treat uneven skin tone, wrinkles and so much more.
  • Packed with nature's goodness this to sure to intoxicate you with its rich and aromatic fragrance and give you clear, radiant, glowing skin perfect for any day.


Country of Origin : India

why you will me

  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Vegan
  • Palm oil Free

100% Pure Wild White Turmeric

    • Use 2-4 spoons in your DIY recipe OR mix of kitchen ingredients such as honey/yogurt/milk/Olive oil/coffee etc OR just mix it with Myra Veda Rose Water.
    • Apply it on your face & body, wash it with lukewarm water when dry.



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