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The Magic Potion

Rose & Jasmine Bath Salt/ Foot Soak


100 gm

MRP : 220
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  • Ask any flower freak on the benefits of Rose & Jasmine and they’ll give you a piece of their mind for being oblivious to the myriad benefits of these stellar gems of Mother Nature. In a class of their own, Rose & Jasmine besides oozing heavenly aromas have immense skin care virtues to bask in.
  • The Magic Potion’s Rose & Jasmine Bath/Foot Soak combines the therapeutic & healing powers of these powerhouses. Epsom salt gently sloughs away dead skin cells, leaving your skin baby soft & squeaky clean.
  • All thanks to its relieving capabilities, it acts as a buffer against stress calming one’s senses and lulling one to relaxation. Sought after in today’s fast paced lives? We agree.
  • Rose & Jasmine essential oil not only captivate one’s senses but also prevent fungal & microbial infections. Good enough reasons to jump in the shower for some me-time?


Country of Origin: India


why you will me

Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Rose Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil

    • As bath salt : add a spoonful of the salt into a tub/bucket  filled with warm water
    • Mix and soak in the tub/bucket for about 10 minutes before using the water for bathing
    • Can be used daily

    • As foot soak : add a spoonful of the salt in to a bucket full of warm water
    • Soak your feet in the bucket for about 10 minutes
    • After soaking use our foot scrub
    • Rinse off with water, pat dry and apply required amount of our foot cream
    • Use once or twice a week



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