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The Magic Potion

Vetiver Water


100 ml

MRP : 240
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  • A powerhouse of skin-loving nutrients that moisturize deeply from within for happy, plump and dewy skin, Vetiver for skin care is like a spell of uninterrupted rain on a dull dreary day! 
  • The Magic Potion’s 100% Natural & steam-distilled Vetiver water is a nutrient-rich saviour that gently soothes, moisturizes and heals all skin types imparting a squeaky-clean healthy glow. 
  • All thanks to its sterling anti-inflammatory properties, it calms irritated, sunburnt and reddened skin. The end outcome? Congratulations on reclaiming your lost glow. Get your skin’s hydration back and diminish those traces od exhaustion as you spritz our Vetiver water. Chilled is better, trust us on that.
  • Indulge in self-love as a glowing, pimple-free look awaits you. 

Country of Origin: India

why you will me

Pure Steam Distilled Vetiver Roots

    • Spray directly onto face and neck after cleansing using a soap/ face wash
    • Keep for 10 seconds and pat it dry
    • Soak a cotton ball and use it to remove makeup and dirt
    • Can be used in face packs to make a paste



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