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The Magic Potion

Charcoal Mint Soap


110 gm

MRP : 160
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  • This magic bar deep cleanses face and body, removes dirt and excess oil from the skin and leaves it smooth and clean.
  • Sea buckthorn oil helps in promoting skin hydration, skin elasticity and the minty flavour gives a refreshing bathing experience.
  • This is a go-to soap bar is an excellent detoxifier and helps people who are exposed to dust and pollution

Country of Origin: India


why you will me

Soap Base (coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sucrose, Glycerine, Distilled Water) Activated Charcoal, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil

    • Wet the soap and apply the lather onto your face and body .
    • The soap bar can be directly applied to the skin or with the help of a loofah or wash cloth.
    • Place the soap drained after use in the soap tray.



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