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A (quick) lesson in Clean Beauty

by india sutra 06 Feb 2021

Learning time! There is tons of buzz around clean beauty and how vital this is. But let's be honest, do we really know what it is? Here's a quick 101 on CLEAN and why this should be part of your vocabulary

What is Clean Beauty?

There is hype and then there is super hype. Today it is trendy to be "natural", "non toxic" "pure", "organic" and "clean" - but behind these trends lurks much false advertizement, aptly called "green washing."

Have you ever used a face cream that has claimed all these goodies only for you to realize after using it that it doesn't seem true. YES YES YES This happens to a lot of us alot of the time. We have all been green washed into buying something or the other.

So what is clean beauty?.

For a product to call itself genuinely clean it needs to be non toxic. And this needs to ring true as non toxic not only for us as humans, but also the environment. As an example, a product that calls it self toxic free but does not use sustainable packaging can not be truly clean.

Here are our top 5 pointers for you to do an easy check:

1. it is important for all ingredients natural or lab synthesized in the product to be "safe"with no carcinogens.

2. packaging needs to be completely recyclable with high content of post consumer recycled material, or material that is re-usable, biodegradable (in a short span) or compostable.

3. product needs to be transparent with all its ingredients - no hidden nasties which many brands conveniently choose not to print.

4. a clean product will always be cruelty free with no animal testing at any stage of production or marketing. - a brand that tests on animals can not be genuinely clean.

5. a clean supply chain of materials is important. Raw materials that go into products are often sourced from suppliers that may not be conscientious. This is specially true in the case of makeup brands - many of which use unethical mica mined from child labour.

Why (the importance of being) Clean?

The answer is quite simple - In order for us to reduce our carbon foot print and be exposed to lesser toxins in our daily lives. We can detox our selves by choosing genuinely good products, which leave a clean footprint on our body and the planet.

How Clean (is clean) - Is there an app for Clean Beauty?

The biggest challenge is the help needed to identify truly clean

beauty products over "others". There are many brands that are meticulous and transparent about formula, content, ethics and sustainability. But how do you identify these brands and products? and where can you buy these?

zoobop is a platform that declutters this space for you. It is primarily an informative platform to guide you on genuinely clean beauty products and give you the knowledge and information around the brands you use to help you make cleaner choices for yourself and your family.

Zoobop is the World’s first brand checker, a tool which allows you to easily BOP any personal care brand you may be using to understand if it is really that clean. Bopping is checking for brand information based on actual data.

Several years of research has gone into zoobop's IP and the product is an easy tool which allows you to quickly check a brand for toxic contaminants, eco polluters, plastics and recycling policies, animal testing practices, transparency in supply chain of ingredients, honest labelling policies, fair trade, vegan, animal derived or possible allergens, brand ethos and community service. The more sustainable, earth friendly, ethical, toxic free and carbon neutral a brand is the higher its score gets on zoobop


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