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Our guide to sustainable gifting Go green, go clean!

23 Feb 2021

Sustainable gifting

Gifting can be clean and thoughtful. This season, go green and clean with our sustainable picks perfect for gifting soemone you love. While having a lighter footprint means reducing our waste, gifting smarter is a step in the right direction. Here are a few zero waste beauty products that can easily double as hero gifts.

Natural deo

 Natural Deodorants for my beau (psssst .... these are uni-sex)

Free from alcohol, artificial fragrances, aluminium, parabens, preservatives and other such toxins, Tree Wear’s handmade Natural Deodorants are a great purchase. These deos are filled with essential oils like coconut, vitamin E, geranium dissectum oil, tea tree, lavender oil, raw beeswax, organic arrowroot powder and nourish your underarms with the goodness of cocoa butter. Goodbye to dark, itchy, sweaty underarms! They last long, suit sensitive skin and come in cardboard tubes which are eco-friendly and super easy to carry.

Yummy & gentle face cream!

This scrumptous face cream is hand made in small batches. All ingredients are pantry fresh and the brand delivers them straight from their kitchen. Packed with the richness of shea, and cocoa butter, glycerin, jojoba and apricot oils and the aroma of Madagascan vanilla bean seeds , this face moisturizer is bound to intoxicate. They come in eco friendly, re-usable jars!

One for the new mom & babe!
getting something sensible for new mama and baby can be mind boggling. And more so when you the sustainable friend want to give something thats sensible, useful and eco chic. Look no further! A gift hamper from Earth baby has it all. The hamper comes loaded with Ayurvedic Baby Massage oil that induces better sleep in infants, a Baby Shampoo made with natural herbs and oils, Nappy-Rash Protection Oil made from cold pressed oils and baby soap with saponified cold pressed edible oils will cleanse, moisturize, soothe and will not strip away natural oils. And lets forgot the adorably cute Nappy & Jhablas in a 100% cotton natural deyed. Now thats a power house gift!!!

Baby Gift Hamper
Baby massage oil
Baby massage oil

Which new mom would not love this lovely belly balm to soothe dry post birth skin and a sensory oil massage to de stress achy joints

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp goodness!

Packed in a beautiful gift box, the Satliva Argan oil makes a great gift for all hair types & all ages. Not only does it add shine, but the Argan oil also works as an anti-frizz element. It has Rosemary oil which strengthens hair roots and improves the nutrition of the scalp to restore damaged hair and fix split ends. this wonderful hair elixir is nourished with goodness of Hemp, with a unique aroma, nutty scent of Argan oil and fresh herb-wood fragrance of Rosemary.

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