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5 Brands Changing The Face Of Natural Cosmetics In India

by Nandini S + India Sutra 06 Aug 2021

Get to know about some of the most popular brands in the clean beauty space. Read on to know how to choose the right one for you!

It’s true that a lot of people now are aware of the negative effects of toxic synthetic cosmetics and are trying to avoid them by using better, cleaner, natural, or even certified organic cosmetics.

With this increased demand, several cosmetic brands have opened shops offering natural and organic cosmetics. However, many brands make false claims and wrongly use natural, organic and pure hashtags.

How well do we know these brands? Can we trust them? Do we rely on their claims?

We check brands for you. Welcome to zoobop. Now it’s easy for you to understand if brands claiming to make the best natural cosmetics brands in India give you top-quality ingredients or not. With our revolutionary “Bop” feature, just search your favorite brand and get to know if it is even worth putting on your body!

What Are Natural Cosmetics?

There are a lot of false claims out there. Honestly, anything made from nature derived ingredients would be natural. The problem here is many brands and false marketing make you believe that everything natural is good. And some brands to show their goodness further play with words such as “nature identical” to fool you into believing they are using strictly nature derived ingredients. The truth is far from it.

Natural cosmetics are made purely from natural pigments and natural materials. This, however, does not necessarily mean that these are safe and good. For that you need to dig a bit deeper into ingredient source and transparency of the brand in sourcing some of these ingredients. For instance, some natural ingredients which are commonplace and can be dirty are Palm Oil ( which can be un-sustainable), Mica (which can be un-ethical) or even nanoparticles in makeup which can be serious eco polluters. Apart from that they are hidden fragrances and a host of ingredients which many brands choose not to reveal.

Natural or "clean" beauty is often considered synonymous with nontoxic.

How to choose natural, organic, and sustainable cosmetics?

It’s difficult to trust any brand claiming to be “clean”, right? Let us help you differentiate.

1. Check the Ingredients

Ingredients don’t lie! The first thing you do when looking for clean and natural skincare and natural hair products is to check for clean ingredients. Natural doesn’t always mean safe. Avoid any ingredients that sound sketchy. Any product with Parabens, Fragrance and Phthalates, Ethoxylated agents, Formaldehydes, BHTs, Petrolatum etc.

2. Look for natural or organic certifications

Natural and organic certifications are recognized as a sign that the product is ‘safe’ to buy. These labels indicate to consumers that the company has undergone third-party verification. A lot of natural cosmetic brands in India do not have these certifications but falsely market themselves as organic.

Some globally recognized certifications are:

  • Ecocert
  • USDA
  • COSMOS organics
  • Natrue
  • NPOP
  • Ukcert


3. Packaging

Sustainable packaging is that which has been designed using materials and manufacturing techniques that minimize waste by being economical and resource-friendly. Superior packaging shows brands dedication to give you a quality product with the lower carbon footprint.

It’s a win-win for the environment and your house if this is done right. Upcycling is always better than recycling. And brands that take back their empties at store locations is always a good thing.

Most makeup containers are difficult to reuse. So taking back empties is always a good sign when a brand offers to do this for you.

5 brands changing the face of natural cosmetics in India


Whether you need to care for dry skin, sun rashes, skin allergies, or minor cuts - Sativa's products are simply good and clean. Whether it's in the middle of winter or the end of summer, Sativa Hemp body creams will help to soothe and cure normal skin discomforts of minor cuts, bruises, or burns and deliver maximum benefits of qualities for use before bedtime. Sativa Hemp body creams are noncomedogenic, perfect for sensitive or acne-prone skin, especially since they're not greasy and are quickly absorbed into the skin cells. Easily one of the best natural cosmetics brands in India.

Zoobop’s choice: mango rosemary face cream for reducing acne scars


Life & Pursuits has taken up a mission to create awareness in society to promote a nontoxic lifestyle. Their range of products encompasses skincare, bath & body, haircare, baby & mama, and men.

Zoobop’s choice: Organic daily moisturizing lotion




SoulTree offers a wide range of premium beauty and personal care products including healthy, natural skincare, bath & body, natural hair products, and makeup products that are made with high-quality ingredients. All SoulTree products offer authentic Ayurvedic recipes and ingredients that do not harm your body. The brand is focused on offering a holistic experience with products that are clean, green, and safe. SoulTree is Indian-made with European research and a global vision.

Zoobop’s choice: Pure black kajal




Ruby's organics believes in making beauty choices that are fun, ethical, and good for you. Ruby's Organics offers an extended range of rich pigment colors and products that provide the ultimate long wear. All products are infused with Shea Butter for ultimate hydration and care for your skin too. Available in liquid lipstick, liquid eyeliner, and liquid foundation.

Zoobop’s choice: Skin tint mattifying foundation




The difference you feel on your skin after using an Arata product is immediately recognizable. A product line free of pyrogenic, parabens, petroleum, and silicone. Free of toxic chemicals but packed with unique ingredients that help promote healthy, radiant skin. The Arata difference, in every jar. Arata offers a range of natural skincare, bath & body, natural hair care, and oral care.

Zoobop’s choice: Hair gel with organic flaxseed extract



Are these brands really natural?

This is a billion-dollar question. To say the least, yes.. In fact, every brand on zoobop has to go through a series of verifications to be able to sell on their platform. We care about the planet and you!

Tips to do research on your brand

Research before the investment is always a good idea. Know what goes on your skin so you do not get an allergic reaction or worse.

We understand research can get too intense and overwhelming sometimes. Allow us to make this simpler for you

1. Read reviews online

Go from the least to the most rated reviews on the website. Watch YouTube videos about other people’s experiences. Read blogs online that talk about the product in great detail. Understanding that not every skin is the same and the results can differ, it is always better to look for people with a similar skin type.

2. BOP it!

Looking for each ingredient and researching about it can be tedious and time-consuming. Especially when the sale ends in an hour! Easy solution? BOP it! This is how it works- You put the brand name in the search box and with one click, you get all the relevant information you need about the brand. The zoobop meter helps you compare different natural cosmetic brands in India. Each brand is judged on the following parameters: Earth safe, Synthetic free, naturally derived, organic certified, cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable. In case your brand disappoints, you get tons of better alternatives. All of it under one roof!

3. Professional advice

Before starting off with a new product, it is always important to check with your dermatologist beforehand. This ensures that you do not accidentally put something that does more harm than good. Learn about your skin type, skin conditions and take their recommendations. Better safe than sorry!

Choosing the right brand of natural cosmetics can not only enhance your skin's appearance but also your overall well-being. IIt’s important to consider the uppermost priorities when choosing a natural cosmetics brand. Buying certified organic is always better, but sometimes this does mean paying a little more.

What is your holy-grail beauty brand? Feel free to share!


Which brand is best for skincare products in India?

It depends on the skin type, skin conditions, and overall needs of your skin. According to tons of scientific studies, nature is the only way forward. Any brand that uses clean, nontoxic ingredients in its products can be “your” best brand. This blog has featured our top picks for you to choose from.

What is the best organic makeup brand?

Remember an organic makeup brand means an organic certified brand or one that uses certified organic ingredients, that are labeled with organic origin and certifier.

Again, not all-natural brands are necessarily good. And many times, you can get allergic reactions to natural ingredients too. Depending upon the needs of your skin, you can look up this blog to help you find the right organic brand. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” situation. You are unique and so are your skin needs.

Which beauty product is best in India?

Every skincare product is dependent on another product in a skincare routine. You cannot just wash your face with a cleanser and call it a day without using a moisturizer. If you use a lot of moisturizers without cleaning your face, your face can get greasy with clogged pores. Not a good sight. The best way to deal with this is by starting with just four products - Cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliator, and sunscreen.

Try to avoid products that pollute our planet and your skin.

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