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What Is Cruelty Free Beauty?

by Nandini S + India Sutra 26 Jul 2021

Cruelty free in layman’s language means that a brand is not involved in testing on animals at any stage of production and marketing without any exception.

Brands that choose to be cruelty free need to be committed to it and not use it as just another hashtag. Sadly, like most other hashtags commonly used, we see many brands today with a bunny logo without actually being committed to being cruelty free.

Being cruelty free is a strong brand commitment, brands that are dedicated to being CF have strong testing policies, are vocal about being against animal testing and ensure that none of their supply of materials, production or marketing injures animals with no exceptions.

They are large corporations that take a stand against animal testing and do not choose profit over ethics. Brands like Lush, The Body Shop have chosen to take a stand to fight animal testing and are pioneers of cruelty free beauty.

Animal testing in personal care products is commonplace, this can be in brands that you use daily for bath and body, oral hygiene, make up, skincare, hair products, sanitary products, baby and kids care and even household items like your toilet cleaner!!

So, it’s important that you check your brand before buying its products. Why buy brands that choose to torture helpless animals when you have so many better cruelty free options out there.

At we check if a brand is really cruelty free. If a brand is committed to being cruelty free, if it is certified CF or wrongly using these trademarked logos, if they have vague or unclear testing policies ( many brands do) and if they are NOT Cruelty free.

All you need to do is BOP.

We have a database of over 2500 + brands world over that can be checked for their CF status.

For a brand to be truly cruelty free, it has to check all the following boxes without any exceptions at all.

  • The brand does not test on animals
  • The supplier does not test on animals.
  • No party involved with the brand is also involved with testing on animals.
  • No testing even when the law in some cases demands them.
  • They should not be selling in Mainland China where it is mandatory to test products on animals before selling in the market.

You will be surprised with the number of brands that inadvertently use a trademarked CF logo on their products or website without being accredited. The most common CF logos that brands wrongly use are the PETA logo and the CCF logo.

With zoobop, finding truly cruelty free brands has never been easier. And understanding why the necessity to do so is equally important too.

BOP by is the world’s first brand checker, a platform that checks your brand in an instant and gives it a clean or dirty score. All you need to do is type in your brand name and hit bop and the platform will give you all the dope on your brand - for ingredients which can be human and eco toxins, cruelty free status, eco footprint, ethos , packaging and recycling policies and honest labeling practices. The score is on a scale of 0-5, the higher the score the better and cleaner the brand is along with its clean and green footprint.

Another common misconception among people is that they equate being vegan with being cruelty free. This is not entirely true.

A brand can have vegan products (no animal-sourced ingredients) and can still test on animals. A brand can be cruelty-free and can still use ingredients from animals (like honey, beeswax, etc.). The trick is to understand the transparency in sourcing animal derived ingredients and if they are or not cruelly obtained.

A truly cruelty-free brand will always have strong policies when sourcing animal derived ingredients and will give you transparent details on how they source these.

It's important for consumers not to be greenwashed. To be informed and make better choices. Our mantra bop it before you shop it is for you to make safer and kinder choices for the planet and yourself.

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