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Our guide to transition to natural products effortlessly

23 Feb 2021

Did you know? An average woman uses over a 150Toxic Free Makeups
potential toxins while getting ready daily. An average man about a 100 in comparison. There are many problems related to constant exposure to some of these ingredients, and there are countless studies and research that give you the information around it. Here's an article and link if you are interested to know more. An interesting study done with students by the University of Berkley supported by The California Breast Cancer Research Program of the University of California showed that "taking even a short break from certain brands of shampoo, lotion or makeup can lead to a significant reduction in hormone- disrupting chemicals in your body". Yes, you heard right "hormone-disrupting chemicals". Wait this gets worse.. now imagine the exposure to a 150 chemicals like this daily x 365 days + multiply this with the ...... years you are using your favourite brand / product.


And there are men and women all over the world using similar products, unaware of the possible damage they could be doing themselves.



Why? would this be permitted, after all
there are laws arent they?bop

No!, sadly most countires have poor regulatory laws around persona care products, and you will be surpised at the amount of greenwashing brands do. To the extent that most brands labelled "organic" are not certified organic, those that call themselves "natural" may have just a small %age of actual naturally derived ingredients they carry in the products and those that say they are "safe" .........well you judge.

We at zoobop believe that knowledge is power. And we have developed a powerful tool, a first of its kind brand reader, to give you precisely this kind of information to help you make good choices.



#whats in my bag


Go Through Your Bag, bathroom, cabinet, makeup drawer ......

 and understand what is good and what is not.

here's a quick survey to help you do this
With zoobop's bopping platform , It’s as easy as Stop and Bop to check out how good your current products are.
We have done all the heavy lifting for you ..
and and No, you won’t require a science major to understand what's what - we have made it that simple .



Toxic Makeups

 Ask us For Help

  It can be quite traumatic to give up a favoured product.. That perfect shampoo that
  does wonderous things to my hair, that marvelous face cream that
  makes me glow for days, or my favouriite concealer that transforms me .. ( heh heh) ..
  will leave that ambigous . We have all been there..
  So yes it can be overwhelming . But baby steps is what you need to take. Starting with
  small changes and seeing large differences.

 The BOP at zoobop works like your personal clean and green consultant, you simply type
  the brand you are using and you get an instant
  zoobop score on it. We like to call it ' a reading on the brand'.
  The platform gives you safe alternatives in place of products you want to switch, from
  our strictly clean MARKETPLACE ..


#positive changes

Once you have taken the plunge to change .. your body will thank you.
Its a detox for yourself.. and you need to look at it as a "treat" rather than a "forced change".
There are some brilliant top notch brands out there that are meticulous in formula, with strong ethics, and honest ingredients
that are equally skin singing, hair twriling, magic wand transforming good without any of the nasties
remember, positve changes = happy you


#strictly clean marketplace

at zoobop we have strict standards before we invite a brand to our market place.
So you can rest be assured that all brands on our marketplace are verified clean and have gone through extreme manual vetting before
we have them sell on our platform. Assuring you safe and clean shopping.
Our mantra, "Bop it before you shop it" allows you to make better informed choices for yourself and your family.

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