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Natural Hair Products | Ayurvedic Hair Care - Zoobop

by Nandini S + India Sutra 02 Aug 2021

So called Natural and organic products are increasingly popular nowadays, but sadly, they can still contain a host of potentially harmful ingredients. Parabens and sulfates are the two most vilified ingredients when there are so many more harmful ingredients hidden under the veil of “natural” products. A lot of unseen greenwashing goes behind brands selling natural products and it can get the best of us.

Good thing, you can just BOP it!

BOP by is the world’s first brand reader that allows you to know if your personal care brand is really clean or not. Just type the brand name you use and hit bop. It's that simple!. And voila - your brand score will appear with details on why it is good or not. Easy Peasy and super addictive, too. Never become a victim to greenwashing again.

So now that you have learnt how to check for a good brand. We move on to lesson 2. What’s good for you?

Truly Clean and Natural hair care utilizes clean and good ingredients that will help strengthen your hair, clean it from dirt without using harsh buildup products.

Products that aren’t bad for you, your scalp (!) and the planet.

Zoobop is your online personal care store that provides the best verified clean, good and natural hair products. It's your one stop shop for everything verified and clean.

Find good and safe ayurvedic hair care products like natural shampoos and conditioners, ayurvedic hair gels, ayurvedic oil for black hair, oils for scalp treatments. Ayurvedic hair colour and so much more from premium clean brands.

Natural and clean hair care has never been easier to shop. All brands on the platform are manually vetted so you can shop guilt-free.

At Zoobop, you can get the safest brands, Secure Payments and free shipping on orders above 500 rupees.

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