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Wow Shampoo Review- Hair Care Products |Shop Wisely

by by Nandini S + India Sutra 05 Feb 2022

This article will explain the following questions we are frequently asked about WOW the haircare brand and the shampoos it makes.


Are Wow Shampoo products really sulfate-free? 

Benefits of Wow shampoo? What does it promise to do?

Does Wow shampoo cause hair loss or gain?? 

How can I check if Wow is good? 

Zoobop - brand checker. Just Bop to make informed purchases.

Should we start looking for alternatives?

Planning on buying the sulfate-free shampoo from WOW? You might want to hold that thought and check out what Zoobop’s wow shampoo review has to say about it first. 

After all the damage we have done to our hair with coloring, drying and styling it, we’re all looking for products that can help us restore it (or, at least make it look like we didn’t try to kill it). Hair care products promise to make your hair fuller, softer, and more manageable. Buy one product and you’re told you’ll achieve this or that effect. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which shampoo would be best for your hair type. 

WOW is a brand that aims to create and share beauty and wellness products that are sustainable and responsible by sourcing formulas based on age-old uses of natural ingredients. But is their formulation entirely clean? 

We’ve decided to put the Wow brand under our microscope and reveal some primary characteristics so you can decide whether it is what it claims to be or not. 

Are Wow shampoos sulphate free?

Short answer: Yes! Their sulphate free shampoos are sulphate free. It has other surfactants such as Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate

Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate - which are mild cleansers with good foaming properties. 

The longer answer - is I don’t trust brands that give only the key ingredients on their product labels. Usually this is because they want to hide the nasties and display only hero ingredients.

How is one to decide if the product is good and clean, if a brand is not honest with their labeling??

Benefits of Wow shampoo? What does it promise to do?

Wow brand claims to “fortify hair making it lustrous and stronger”. But does it deliver? 

Again the true benefits of WOW shampoo can be accurately gauged only if we truly understand all the ingredients it uses. 

If a brand decides to label only a few key ingredients in its products, it doesn't give me much confidence in the brand or the values it upholds. “Brands that are not transparent with consumers about what goes in it can never really be trusted”.  And it is not possible to accurately list out all its benefits. 

Does Wow shampoo cause hair loss?

The efficacy of a shampoo really depends on the person using it and the hair type and conditions they have. Sometimes this also has to do with the quality of water being used (hard water etc) All in all, I would say there is a mixed reaction when it comes to Wow Shampoos. 

How can I check if Wow is good? 

With the amount of brands in the so-called natural space these days it’s hard for most of us to actually ascertain if the brand is truly what it claims to be. As most brands walk and talk the same lingo. And trust me a lot of what they say is hog wash. 

So having a third party which checks all these facts for you is God sent. Introducing -  the world’s first brand checker that has revolutionized the way you shop.  

A simple BOP allows you to make informed purchases and avoid potentially toxic ingredients so you can make better choices for yourself, your family and our planet.

Zoobop is a tool which allows you to consume responsibly by being informed about the ethos and footprint of the brands you use. If we all started buying responsibly; the planet would be far more sustainable than what it is today. What's more, if brands claim accredited certifications these too are cross checked for you. So the information you get on zoobop is always transparent and honest.

Zoobop - brand checker. Just Bop to make informed purchases.

With a simple check (BOP), you can get the entire dirt on your brand. Each brand gets a clean (or dirty) score from 0-5 based on its clean and green footprint, honesty & transparency and brand ethos. The higher the score the better a brand is. 

BOP is simple to use and super fun as well. You can bop on the platform while browsing the platform on your phone, laptop or even instantly in the supermarket for a quick glance before shopping. 

The idea is to make informed purchases and you will be truly surprised with what you find.


Zoobop gives you all the brand details at a glance, I look at it as a fact checker. It calls out and questions brands on your behalf. And what is cool is that you can see the entire range of possible nasties at a glance. This is an easy way to tell whether or not your brand is making false claims about its products. And for you to quickly check if the brand lives up to its claims.

All you need to do is BOP! 

Another great benefit of bopping is you can use this to compare any two brands. You can check which brand is better and why quite easily. 

Why care, you ask? 

The climate crisis is real and on the rise. It's important to consider what we consume and to consciously choose products that, for example, reduce our carbon footprint and that aren't harmful to people or the planet. 

Wow Shampoo Review on zoobop 

According to Zoobop’s WOW review, “this brand needs to have complete label transparency for all ingredients used. Very little information is provided on environment, recycling policies.”

It scores 2.7 on the BOP meter which is AVERAGE on zoobop, What does that mean?

On zoobop, you can see how WOW performs on the following criteria: You can check the individual criteria score and how it performs as a whole.

Being Clean ( formulation and ingredients) - 2/ 5

Being Green ( eco footprint ) 2.3/ 5

Being honest ( labelling transparency & supply chain)  3/5 

Being Cruelty Free ( their against animal testing commitment) 3.4/ 5

Under ingredients you can see that some toxic ingredients are highlighted in red . These are ingredients that are possible carcinogens. It's important to pay attention to the ingredients that are highlighted on Zoobop in Red (toxic) or yellow (moderate). Some products contain Fragrance~, Color~, Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Retinyl Palmitate, P.E.Gs~, T.E.A. 

A quick and easy way for checking what the ingredients are is by simply tapping the ingredients . has broken the meaning of each ingredient for you to understand in layman terms what they are and what toxicity or damage they can cause. 

And the tap is possible for pretty much any ingredient or Acronym you see in any of the 4 criteria. This makes it super easy for you dear user to check and understand the information provided clearly. 

Similarly under Green - you will see that the brand can be using some eco pollutants such as Palm Oil ( there is no responsible source given) and acrylates which are known to be microplastics unless they are water soluble. 

When it comes to being cruelty free - though the brand claims to be CF they do not have a strong commitment. As zoobop points out, “being cruelty-free is more than just slapping a bunny logo on your product labels” this is a serious brand commitment telling users that the brand ensures that there is no animal testing at any stage of manufacturing or production. Unfortunately WOW makes no such strong commitments..

And lastly, There is not a lot of transparency when it comes to WOW ingredients on labels and website. We do understand when a brand has space constraints due to which they are unable to print complete ingredients on products. But there is no such issue when it comes to WOW shampoo. Here, the brand deliberately omits to list complete ingredients on product and website. 

Which is odd as they claim to be a Clean Brand. 

A quick sidenote, and very cool feature on zoobop is the transparency in supply chain of some ingredients is highlighted. As you know, some ingredients like Palm oil, Mica, Shea can come from unethical sources, hence the information pertaining to a fair trade or a  responsible source for these ingredients is important. 

WOW is vague about transparency in supply chain of Palm oil. 

On you can also see links and learn why ingredients like Palm oil (which is a natural ingredient by the way ) can be very very dirty. 

Based on zoobop’s review of WOW as a brand it is clearly avoidable. 

What Shampoo is better than Sulphate free WOW Shampoo?

When you BOP a brand and it turns out not as clean as you expect it to be, Zoobop suggests you better alternatives to the brand.

All you have to do is click on the green button that says “suggested for you” or you can also tap on the category you are looking for that the brand offers. Best alternatives are given according to budget and location.. So you can shop responsibly  

An important thing to note is, brands recommended by zoobop will always have a high clean score. The good part is that these scores on the platform are subjected to change as brands reformulate with better ingredients, give honest answers, and make fair trade/ ethical sourcing commitments. If brands use harmful ingredients, change their safety policies or downgrade their packaging, their score is subjected to fall. 

You can keep a check of it and make more mindful decisions.


5 best alternatives to WOW Shampoo for thick and shiny hair.

Zoobop has done the legwork for you, here are our top picks for clean formulated shampoos:


What it does:  provides nourishment for regeneration and hair growth, while gently cleansing without the use of synthetic parabens. Also boosts circulation, restores moisture, and prevents hair thinning.


What it does: Promotes hair growth, keeps scalp healthy, moisturizes & conditions your hair without drying it out completely.



What it does: Repairs hair damage & restores moisture, prevents hair fall and premature greying and adds lustre and volume to your hair.



What it does:   Gently cleanses and washes away dirt, leaving the hair soft, shiny and manageable.


What it does: strengthens your hair, relieves itchy scalp, removes impurities and absorbs excess oils without stripping hair of natural oils. Improves blood circulation, supporting hair growth. Acts as a shampoo and a conditioner in a bar.

You can find all these products (and more) on At zoobop you can browse through the widest range of shampoo that are free from dirty formulations. Choose amongst the best brands that come with the clean ingredients that you need for healthy hair with a score of 3.6+/ 5.

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