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Is Revlon cruelty-free?

by Nandini S + India Sutra 11 Aug 2021

When you go cruelty free, you’re making a statement that you’re against animal testing. You’re also opening your mind to the fact that there are alternatives to what you buy every day.

Cruelty free in layman’s language means that a brand is not involved in testing on animals at any stage of production and marketing without an exception.

Revlon has been a budget friendly makeup brand for many women across the world for decades. It is even endorsed by many celebs world over. When you go to Revlon’s website, they claim to be cruelty free UNLESS required by law. Basically saying that their ethics can go for a toss over profit.

Their products are sold in Mainland China where it is mandatory to test products on animals. Even though Revlon is not testing on animals themselves, they are funding and paying for testing to the countries they wish to sell in. On being confronted with this, Revlon has not responded, nor does it plan on pulling off from China.

The Parent brand Revlon Inc owns a number of brands under its umbrella that are not cruelty-free too such as Almay, Elizabeth Arden, Charlie to name a few.

At we check if a brand is cruelty free, if a brand is committed to being cruelty free, if it is certified CF or wrongly using these trademarked logos, if they have vague or unclear testing policies (many brands do) and if they are NOT Cruelty free.

All you need to do is BOP.

We have a database of over 2500 + brands world over that can be checked for their CF status.

If you are still using Revlon in 2021, you should know that you are okay with animal cruelty at the cost of vanity.

You can Bop for Revlon on zoobop and also see suitable budget friendly alternatives which are verified CF and shop from our clean marketplace instead.

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