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Is Garnier Cruelty-Free in 2021? (What You Need To Know Before You Buy!)

by Nandini S + India Sutra 09 Aug 2021

2021, which means there is absolutely no need for us to be torturing the animals for our vanity. If brands are still not becoming cruelty free, you should stay steer clear of them. With the advancement of technology in testing products with better accuracy, brands need to change policies and leave the animals alone.

Garnier did that. It is officially the biggest drugstore brand that is cruelty-free. It went through a thorough test from the Leaping Bunny and got approved after 2 years.

Garnier will be regularly audited to maintain their crueltyfree status.

A lot of the brands that are PETA certified sell in Mainland China, where it is mandatory to test on animals. Such brands are NOT cruelty free. Even though they are not testing on animals themselves, they are still paying for animal testing to be able to market in China.

A few years ago, Garnier had their products being sold in China, but now they have pulled off all of their stores and no longer sell there. None of their products are sold in Mainland China hence, they are not tested on animals.

HOWEVER, here is the catch, it is owned by L’Oreal which is NOT a cruelty free company and tests on animals whenever required by the law. All the other brands owned by L’Oreal do. And all of them are also sold in China. Surprise, surprise!

Let us help you here. While research is always a good idea, we often do not have time to go into the depth of the situation. Zoobop has already done the legwork for you. BOP by Zoobop is the world’s first brand reader that unmasks the truth about the bunnywashing done by brands.

Just a simple search about the brand can tell you if the brand is clean or dirty with a score from 0-5. The higher the score, the cleaner the brand.

Zoo shop by is India’s only verified beauty marketplace with the best authentic brands that are free from dirty formulations and animal cruelty. All the brands have been manually vetted so you can shop with us guilt-free.

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