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Top 6 Under Eye Creams

by Nandini S + India Sutra 30 Jun 2021

The eyes, chico, they never lie. It’s true. Your eyes can tell how you’re feeling. Back in the day, when I was working nights, my eyes looked really dull and tired, and it made me look less confident. Working late-night, unhealthy sleep schedules made my eyes look very puffy and tired. And oh, the dark circles under the eyes, NOT FUN!

A bazillion companies claim that they have the best under eye cream, but are they effective? Your under- eye skin is a very delicate region that is extremely close to the eye. Applying a product with harmful chemicals is a BIG NO unless you are looking for a red, irritated eye look. Been there, done that. The skin around your eyes is too delicate and sensitive to put a store bought eye product. The harmful toxins in the cheap eye creams can cause severe infections. It is better we stick to our green babies. Good thing Zoobop exists! Zoobop busts out all the greenwashing lies of the brands. Check your favourite brand’s claims in 2 easy steps: Type in the brand’s name and hit the BOP!

Here you can get to know your brand: up, close and personal and whether you should invest in it or not. BOP is a revolutionary tool that brings out the truth of the beauty industry and its negatives.

Every brand is given a score from 0-5 based on its clean quotient.

It also suggests better alternatives in case the brand is dirty. How cool is that! Making cleaner choices has never been easier. Thanks to Zoobop!

Zoobop helps you become aware of the toxins and the reasons you should avoid them while Zoo Shop brings the best authentic brands that are 100% safe and toxic chemicals free without compromising on the quality. Zoo shop is India’s first verified clean beauty marketplace. At Zoo shop, you can shop without worries from the brands that are strictly vetted before being invited on the platform. It is a no-nonsense zone.

Also, let us help you with your quest to find the best natural eye cream suited to your concern. Here is a list of the best non-toxic eye creams and eye gels that you NEED in your lives:

1. SHANKARA anti-age eye cream

Key takeaway: Best anti-aging eye cream. Nourishes and soothes the delicate skin under your eyes and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness all in one.

2. SOULTREE under eye gel

Key takeaway: One of the best eye gels for puffy eyes. Reduces puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. Lightens the darkened area, hydrates and firms the skin and moisturizes the skin and also protects against environmental toxins.

3. SKOG under eye repair oil

Key takeaway: Light weight oil formulated to nourish the delicate area around the eyes. It is a combination of various moisturising and repairing oils to treat dryness, dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and crow feet.

4. EARTHBABY under eye care cream

Key takeaway: Calming and restorative remedy for sleep-deprived eyes. Calms the skin around your eyes and works great on your dark circles and reduces the puffiness of the eyes.

5. PAUL PENDERS plantago essential eye gel

Key takeaway: Best eye gel for puffiness. Highly moisturizing, helps in reducing any signs of fatigue and stress. Helps with the circulation of blood that calms the skin and helps with its elasticity.

6. HERB TANTRA resparkle under eye nectar

Key takeaway: The blend of essential oils in re sparkle create a multi pronged action. They increase the blood flow, reduce inflammation, repair the veins and boost collagen production. It significantly reduces puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.

Now, these products are great and all, but these will only work if you start taking care of your health. I’m talking about a healthier diet and a more stable sleep schedule. Combining all, you can bid adieu to your dark circles forever!

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