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We All Love A Good Hair Day. Why Not Make It An Everyday Thing?

by Rhea B. 11 Oct 2021

If you have dry frizzy hair like me, you know how amazing a nutrient-rich conditioner can be and the miracles that little magic dollop can do to your quenched hair. Your brittle, detangled, dull, lifeless hair can look smooth, moisturized, pampered and loved. Yes! Conditioners can do all of that. And if you choose the right natural, clean and even verified organic and safe brand, you will be even happier with the results.

Plant-derived is not just good for you, but the ingredients are good as grey waste too. By this, I mean, that the dirty bathwater is not going to be an eco polluter (as grey waste) and you can literally (yes literally) use the grey bath/shower water to water your plants… That’s what clean formulation does. Kind on the planet, and Great for you.

Over the years, I have put my hair through terrible suffering, be it hot ironing rods, curling tongs, endless treatments, and years of using hyped commercialized, dirty synthetic-loaded hair products. The frizz, the split ends; the problems were endless. Using clean formulations was an eye-opener. And slowly my hair started seeing the change

My advice, start giving yourself the clean love you deserve. With some of these super clean options you can choose from.

1 SOULTREE hair conditioner - hibiscus and henna with nourishing shikakai

What it does: Buy a shikakai conditioner that hydrates the scalp and de-frizzes hair, leaving your mane soft, shiny, and manageable. penetrates the strands to smooth out dryness and provides a shine boost for beautiful results.

Who is it for: All hair types



2 SATLIVA argan rosemary hair cream

What it does: Deeply moisturizes and nourishes scalp and hair.

Who is it for: Dry, damaged and chemically treated hair.



3 PAUL PENDERS herbal lemon conditioner

What it does: Buy a herbal conditioner to restore shine, prevent split ends and promote balance in hair. It never weighs your hair down and leaves it feeling silky smooth. It leaves hair full of body, bounce and shine.

Who is it for: All hair types



4 ARATA natural nourishing hair conditioner with maple, sugarcane & blueberry extracts

What it does: Replenishes the natural softness and shine of your hair without weighing it down. strengthens and hydrates while gently detangling to leave locks soft, lustrous, and manageable—leaving them feeling healthy and beautiful.

Who is it for: All hair types



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