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How To Choose A Facewash

by Nandini S + India Sutra 01 Apr 2021

Learning how to choose a natural face wash can be a bit overwhelming. With so many options available on the market, you need to actually verify the claims these brands make. Zoobop does all that work for you. Read on to find out what kind of natural face wash you should be using according to your skin type.

Face wash for Dry skin

For dry skin, you want ingredients that have a hydrating effect. Glycerin is one of the more popular ones in moisturizers because it can attract and retain water. Look out for a gentle formula that should be hypoallergenic, free of fragrance, harsh synthetics, or alcohol. A non-foaming natural face cleanser is preferred. Stay away from ingredients like salicylic or glycolic acid that will further dry your skin.

Face wash for Oily skin

For oily skin types, mild cleansers are important so that you don't strip the natural oil from your skin. Look for one that contains ingredients like tea tree oil or aloe vera. These ingredients help to balance oil production and clear pores that can result in blemishes. Avoid face washes with heavy alcohol or fragrance, which can add to your problem instead of solving it.

Face wash for Combination skin

The secret to choosing a face wash for combination skin is to strike a balance: one that cleanses surface oil without stripping away moisture. Removing excess oil gives you a matte look, but if your face wash also strips away lipids (the oily molecules that help protect skin), it's effectively a dry skin cleanser. Look for ingredients like aloe vera, etc. that cleanse and moisturize at the same time.

Face wash for sensitive skin

A good natural face wash should be free of fragrance and alcohol that can irritate sensitive skin. An ideal face wash is non-irritating and contains skin-replenishing ingredients such as antioxidants (like green tea polyphenols), moisturizers (such as chamomile), and soothing botanicals (like aloe).

What are ingredients that are good for face wash?

Vitamin-C: An antioxidant that helps with preventing melanin formation causing hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It improves the skin texture by minimizing the signs of aging.

Glycerin: Glycerin protects the natural skin barrier. It prevents skin from getting dry and irritated by keeping it hydrated for long.

Oatmeal: As good as it is for your breakfast, it is an amazingly effective exfoliator that is gentle and hydrating.

Honey: Full of antioxidants, honey has antibacterial properties that help with acne and soothes your skin. It is also a rich moisturizer.

Niacinamide: can be naturally derived from nicotinic acid which is commonly found in many cereals and brewer’s yeast. It has been linked to skin-lightening properties, specially good for hyperpigmentation and is gentler than hydroquinone without the side effects.

Green tea: Green tea has antioxidant properties that reduce premature aging, treat acne, and help with redness and other skin irritations.

Factors to consider while selecting a natural face wash

1. Research

Nothing beats good research. NOTHING. It can save you from all the rubbish and gimmicky ads you might get fooled by. is the world’s first brand reader, a platform that checks any personal care brand you use to see if it is really that clean. All you need to do is type the brand name and hit BOP... that’s it.

Zoobop scores each brand from 0-5, where 0 is the no-go and 5 is the absolute best, based on their ingredients, certifications, and brand ethos.

2. Check label

When you shop for face cleansers, you should always read the ingredient label before buying any product. This will allow you to understand what’s inside a particular cleanser. Otherwise, you may end up using something that contains harsh ingredients and cheap fillers, giving you an acne breakout instead of the clear skin you were aiming for.

Zoobop provides you with a list of common, little-known ingredients in skin care products and why they're potentially toxic. The list includes several different types of synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and polysorbates to watch out for.

3. Ingredients to Avoid

Formaldehyde, phthalates, alcohol, SLES, parabens. You want NONE of these anywhere around your skin. NOPE.

Zoobop can help you with which ingredients are to be avoided with a simple click on the ingredient. You can check out the list of the nasties and why they should be avoided.

4. Read about claims

A lot of greenwashing and brands claiming to be clean can blind you and make it even harder for you to choose a natural face wash. There is a very high possibility that they might just be false.

Zoobop exists to tell you the truth about these brands. A simple bop and you will know everything you need to.

5. Shop from a clean marketplace is the first verified clean marketplace, where each product contains a list of all their ingredients, many with certifications and with direct links. It also gives each brand a clean & dirty score based on objective ethics & corporate behavior metrics.

Zoobop's quest is to clean up the chemical make-up of personal care products so that you are able to confidently use the product.

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