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by Nandini S + India Sutra 30 Jul 2021

Have you ever applied moisturizer on yourself only to find it gone in a couple of hours and your hands and body start feeling dry yet again?

So, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that your skin DOES soak up everything that you put on it. And if that makes any sense then looking for cleaner better formulations, the kind that even if they were to be soaked up (over 90%) should be a no brainer.

Having said that, looking for good clean plant derived natural moisturizers can be overwhelming. Especially when there are so many brands out there and each claiming so many benefits. And with the recent green hype, every brand has natural, clean, pure, best body moisturisers hashtags confusing the average user endlessly. is the world’s first brand reader, a platform that checks any personal care brand you use to see if it is really that clean. And this is where the bop tool by comes handy. A quick bop on the platform can instantly tell you if the brand you are looking to buy is actually all that it claims to be. And in this case, if the brand you are searching is actually the best body moisturiser for you

Bopping is as easy and fun as it sounds and super addictive too!

All you need to do is type in your brand name and hit bop. And voila all the dirt (he he) on the brand comes up. The good, the bad and the ugly side of brands is shown to you very clearly with a clean or a dirty score.

Having healthy skin is important for several reasons. Not only does it protect your body from infections, it also makes you look and feel great.

It is unfortunate that most people do not realize the many harmful ingredients found in most dirty brands that are commonly used. Many of these ingredients are linked to disease, toxicity and eco pollution. Clean formulated body lotions on the other hand come without the toxins and are safe as grey waste too . Which means they do not damage the earth on disposal.

Here at Zoobop, we know that the best way to skin care for your body is by going clean and safe.. Browse through our verified list of natural and herbal body lotions to check out the best for your skin. Shop with us for the best quality and 100% satisfaction guaranteed products on our website.

Establishing a 100% natural, organic body lotion is a hard and tedious task. If you are looking for a good and clean brand then it’s time for you to try the BOP tool by zoobop. The purpose of the bop is to give you a better understanding of how trustworthy your brand is and if it is all that it claims to be.

All the products at our Zoo shop are from the brands that are strictly vetted, which means they adhere to stringent manufacturing and clean formulations.

The zoobop marketplace offers a wide selection of clean brands that can suit your needs best, with secured payments and free shipping on orders over 500 rupees.

Come, Shop Responsibly! You matter to us.

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