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Our Vanity might be killing the planet!

23 Feb 2021

We at Zoobop advocate clean green living. Now I know this sounds like a lot to do, but every drop makes the ocean.. and ironically today that ocean is plastic. Collectively all of us, You and I need to start with small doable lifestyle changes.

And we at Zoobop, want to help you make this progression even easier..

Wake up Peeps!
There Is No Planet B


Here are 5 baby steps for you to make easy everyday changes:

1. Bamboo Toothbrush

A no brainer and so much better than your plastic toothbrush is to go eco with our bamboo toothbrush. They last as long as your traditional toothbrush but are kinder to the earth. Once you are done using the one, you can take out the bristles and compost it.

You can pair it with a peppermint tooth and your teeth will be singing a clean tune!

Think how many landfills will be saved by just this baby change...

2. Reusable Makeup Pads

Millions of makeup wipes end up in landfills every month. These wonderful reusable makeup wipes do the same job and require just a quick wash post use.

Combine them with our non toxic makeup remover and feel the difference!

3. Bamboo Earbuds

Almost none of us would have thought of how a earbud can be harmful, it’s cotton, it’s decomposable, right? Wrong.

Only the ends are made up of cotton; The body is plastic, which stays for thousands of years in landfills. Get the bamboo ones, instead. The entire stem will break down leaving no waste behind.

4. Natural Scrubs

Scrubs that we get in the market contain microbeads which can cause micro-tears in your skin, causing breakouts and are highly toxic to the environment. Switch to natural scrubs, instead. They are gentler on your skin and marine friendly.

Happy skin, happy planet!

5. Lip Balms

All of us have that tub of petroleum jelly on our vanity counter.. yes that one!

Petrolatum is one of the worst polluters and with this small change you can now replace it with a safe clean balm.

Orange oil complemented with cocoa butter creates an unusually pleasant and gentle lip balm, which hydrates, soothes and protects chapped, cracked and peeling lips. Welcome to Natural, hydrating goodness!


Discover more goodies and recommendations here.

Take this survey to see how easily you can replace your vanity with clean goodies..

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