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Face Oils

by Nandini S + India Sutra 07 Aug 2021

There is a lot of speculation around face oils and myths around pimples? Breaking out? Sensitive skin? These super babies have you covered. Unless you are extremely sensitive and prone to immediate reactions, your skin will love it. With just a few face oils you will need fewer skincare products and less makeup... plus they are super light, hydrating and nourishing for dry winter days.

Even celebs swear by this elixir, to the extent that J.Lo promises her Latina to glow not because of spray tans and botox but olive oil!! Ok moving on..

The truth is you will need less makeup, fewer synthetics, and your skin will naturally glow as most oils are infused with antioxidants, polyphenols, and omega fatty acids. Many of the brands you see at zoobop carrying face oils have been carefully formulated using little or no ingredients. The beauty in most face oils are single hero ingredients that let your skin sing without the added pollutants for once.

They can be used day and night.

Pro tip: They can be used under makeup, and can be used to touch up makeup too, next time you want to add some foundation, dab a little face oil and see .. if your concealer is too cakey mix it with some face oil..

You can multitask with these. They can work for antipigmentation, skin renewal, inflammation ffrizzy hair, dry winter hands and feet, and the list goes on.. . these oils will restore the moisture back with a whole lot of TLC.

At zoobop, you will only find verified clean brands which have been manually vetted for you. When we promise you no nasties we mean it! With the right face oil, you can maintain balanced skin.

Here are our TOP 5 picks for you:

1 shankara KUMKUMADI OIL



What it does: Nourishes the skin, balances sebum, oxygenates and can be used as a daily moisturizer to lock in moisture, maintains skin balance, and prevents dehydration.

Who it is for: Dry skin




What it does: Delivers a pure vitamin C boost. ensures maximum delivery without clogging pores. helps to restore elasticity and reduce visible signs of aging.

Who it is for : Oily to sensitive skin

3 junaili APRICOT OIL



What it does: Helps fade scars. And is rich in Omega 6 & 9.

Who it is for: Dry and sensitive skin




What it does: Brightens and lightens acne spots.

Who it is for: All skin types



What it does: Heal damaged tissues and repair the skin, by increasing cell regeneration and healing damaged skin.

Who is it for: All skin types

Now that you know about their benefits, take your skincare to another level with these face oils. Your skin deserves it.

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