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by nandini.s + india sutra 08 Mar 2021

Ayurvedic skin care doesn’t always mean a long list of ingredients, but rather a simple holistic approach to understand and solve your skin problems. Spilling some insights on how to find truly the best Ayurvedic skin care in this article. You do not want to miss out on this!

Every day, we face several problems related to our skin. From getting dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines. And unfortunately, these problems increase considering harsh sun rays, pollution, harsh skin and makeup products, and poor dietary habits. Ayurvedic skin care, if formulated authentic and clean and can be the best way to look after your skin. 

Traditional Indian skincare is based on grandma’s recipes passed down a line of strong beautiful women. Who hasn’t used their aunts, grandmas, and mothers’ bottles and concoctions? We all know this way too well. But somehow, branded, easier to buy and commercialized packaging has replaced a lot of homegrown packs and remedies.  

Fortunately for you, some of the brands that we recommend here are traditional homegrown recipes with ayurvedic medicine and science. Ayurveda also called “The Healing Science”, is a holistic practice that considers skin health and the body as a whole. When applied correctly, with a focus on quality ingredients, Ayurvedic skin care products can be incredibly beneficial for any number of skin conditions. 

The problem is that our lifestyle, environment, and poor habits leave an indelible impact on our skin which makes it appear dull and lifeless. And we all know that nothing more can be a confidence drainer than dull-looking skin. Hence it is imperative to know more about the brands and products you are using. 

At Zoobop, we have launched a unique bopping tool that instantly gives you a brand check to understand if the personal care brand you are using is genuinely good and clean. (we have data of over 2000 personal care brands) We have done all the research for you by checking product ingredients, brand ethos, and sustainability so you don’t have to worry about the nasties while trying out newer brands or products for your skin. Zoobop is the one place you should look for clean, authentic, and good ayurvedic skin care. 

Quick lesson for an ayurvedic skin care routine.

If there were three steps to easy - beautiful skin in the twenty-first century, what would they be? A question I've been contemplating myself. This is what Ayurvedic science tells us in a nutshell:


Cleansing is the most important part of any skincare routine. Letting go of all the impurities from your skin will allow your skin to feel refreshed and open clogged pores. Using an ayurvedic facial cleanser thoroughly cleanses without being too harsh and stripping down your skin. I recommend cold water for this. 

Best for: Normal Skin / Sensitive Skin (Pitta)

Key Features: This important blend of organic ingredients and essential oils such as Avocado, Acai Berry, and Rosehip Oils provides rich repair and non-irritating nourishment which protects and maintains your natural acid mantle.


can be used remove traces dirt, oil & make-up. A good ayurvedic skin toner can promote a balanced skin tone & hydrate deep within the skin’s layers.

Best for: Normal Skin / Dry Skin (Vata)

Key Features: A rare combination of green tea and chamomile effectively de-tans, prevents breakouts and removes scars and pigmentation.


A good Ayurvedic moisturizer can enhance the radiance of your skin and nourish it deeply.  Our skin constantly battles with pollution and dirt. And though we may be particular about cleaning our face, regular cleansing can result in stripping our skin of its natural moisture. Further with age, the skin's ability to retain moisture reduces significantly. Hence it is vital to have a clean and good mosituriser as part of your daily routine.

Ayurveda recommends using natural ingredients for skin moisturization. The requirements of the skin vary according to the skin type. Look for Ayurvedic ingredients like Coconut Milk, Sesame Oil, Essential Oils in your face moisturizers. Shea Butter and Kokum Butter are recommended for moisturizing the body.

Best for: Normal Skin / Dry Skin

Key Features: this special blend of Hemp seed and Moringa natural oils helps moisturize and replenish dry skin, contains anti-aging qualities to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 

Tips to choose your ayurvedic skin care products

Understanding your skin type

The Ayurvedic approach to healthy skin type is based on the three doshas. According to this ancient science, your skin type is determined by the relative proportion of three bioenergetic forces that make up the constitution of your body, mind, and spirit. They are:

  • Vata (wind): The skin type of Vata persons is dry. This dry skin tends to wrinkle. Vata persons should use oil-based moisturizers that are light and non-greasy. They need a moisturizer that will penetrate the skin and hold on to its natural oils for as long as possible. Excessive washing of the face with water, or scrubbing the face excessively, tends to irritate Vata persons' skin instead of helping. 
  • Pitta (fire): The skin type of fire element is pitta, having a golden complexion. This skin type has heat and inflammation and is prone to redness and pimples. Skincare products with more cooling elements, like, aloe vera, turmeric, and sandalwood will be this skin type’s savior.
  • Kapha (water and earth): The Kapha skin type is associated with large pores and an oily scalp. It is dry, thick, and cold.

It may be prone to pimples, whiteheads, and water retention. For your skin type, it is recommended you do the following: avoid oil-based creams and apply face masks regularly. Use a scrub or exfoliator to remove obstructions and stimulate your lymphatic system. Consider booking regular hot stone massages to wind down after a long day. 

Ingredients to look for

For a cleanser: 

  • Aloe Vera: Soothes and hydrates.
  • Tulsi: Cleanses gently.
  • Sandalwood: Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. 
  • Neem: Helps with acne and breakouts.
  • Rosewater: Reduces puffiness and tones the skin. 

For a moisturizer:

  • Coconut milk
  • Sesame oils
  • Shea butter
  • Kokum butter

For an exfoliant:

  • Chickpea
  • Oatmeal
  • Sandalwood powder
  • Gram flour

For facial oils

  • Kumkumadi oils: Makes skin look more radiant and young. 
  • Neem oils: Antibacterial and moisturizing.
  • Nalpamaradi oils: Helps with skin-damaged skin. 

Ayurvedic skin care is based on ancient wellness remedies that involve balancing the three doshas to bring a person to heal. The idea behind ayurvedic skin care is that each person has different body types and specific skincare needs and provides solutions for all skin types and conditions.

Therefore, Ayurveda can be an excellent resource for skincare. Pamper your skin with the age-old traditions of Ayurveda and see the difference for yourself! 

e you ever tried an Ayurvedic skin care routine? Let us know your experience! 

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